Join a remarkable group of talented, experienced and successful business leaders and see the difference it can make in your success. Share your ideas, challenges, wisdom, experiences, and dreams in a stimulating, confidential and safe environment. Learn best practices and improve your leadership skills through learning modules, interactive exercises, and individual and group coaching opportunities. Network with other local leaders and get involved in new and exciting community initiatives.


Composed of prominent leaders from diverse backgrounds, this TLC group serves as your board of advisors, dedicated to personal and professional growth. Working together on individual challenges or new group initiatives, the TLC experience will broaden your perspective, provide you with the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas and strategies, help motivate you to take action and hold you accountable, so you attain meaningful results.

All meetings are led by a trained facilitator to ensure active participation and thorough analysis and resolutions of issues and ideas. Quarterly coaching opportunities ensure members have time to concentrate and work on attaining their individual goals.

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We are looking for successful, prominent leaders who have a positive attitude, welcome adventure, are open minded, nonjudgmental, eager to share their ideas, talents and experience, care about and are willing to contribute to the success of others, understand and honor confidentiality and continually strive for personal and professional growth.

We only include one member per any one business classification, so there is no competition between members of the group.


  • Half day, monthly group meetings

  • Professional networking opportunities with peers

  • Quarterly social events

  • Action Committee Support

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